IRUV Cut Coat 20kg 800㎡ application package


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◆Application procedure

◆New roller introduction 

◆Notes of Application for training

◆Application for big window glass

◆How to remove coating film

◆Failure cases of Application

◆Notes of temperature measurement by Thermocron 

◆How to use Temperature measurement 

◆How to use split type of optical property measurement device 

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This time, we offer 800sqm trial set which can confirm the performance in the building to the owners, management companies and energy consultants, etc. Moreover, it is a special price package 850,000 JPY set (1,063JPY per 1sqm) includes the 3days training. The reduction of the temperature 5 to 10℃ in the summer from the window direct heat and 2 to 3℃ in the whole room temperature, it means the 20-30% energy saving in air conditioning load reduction. ※The simulation is set that reduction of 1 ℃ is 10% of energy saving. It is possible to be payback about three years when applied 3,000~5,000JPY per 1sqm. It will be more than 20% of energy saving in 10years. 850,000 JPY set can learn application of IRUV CUT COAT H-SP, Verification and energy-saving calculation method. 

3,000JPY/m2 is  in the case of China,Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, South America,Africa,etc

5,000JPY/m2 is in the case of South Korea, USA, EU,Australia,Newzealand ,etc

※If  Super hydrophilic primer can be applied without repelled on the glass surface,   we don’ t need to remove oil film with glass cleaner .In the case of that, One applicator can  apply IRUV Cut Coat Hyper-SP about 15sqm per a day.

850,000 JPY set can apply 800sqm. It is set in the application price 6,000JPY ~10,000JPY per 1sqm, but this time special application price is 3,000JPY ~5,000JPYper 1sqm. But it is the lower price and well performance compere to the film such as 6,000~10,000JPY per 1sqm or more. Also, take the temperature data by test trials with the half price, you can take advantage of the subsequent sales. Even half price, 3,000~5,000JPY per 1sqm, you can expect the enough profit.

* Data is for reference number.

Big Business for saving energy to all glass-walled building

What is the reason for the trial application?

 850,000JPY package can apply for 800sq meter. Low Risk to start the new business.

A special price, 3,000JPY~5,000JPY per 1sq meter (50% OFF from the regular price). Because of it, it is easy to take the test application project. Also there will be profit. While the trial , applicators can learn the application, how to measure the temperature comparison data and thermal barrier performance.

 World advanced product, IRUV CUT COAT has No.1 performance and Price.

Benefits for the owner of trial project

Approximately 20 to 30% energy saving. Simulate to 3 years payback.

Less than 3 years payback when the area is close to equator.

Collect energy saving date by trial application and measuring  the temperature.

New business about energy saving

One person can apply 15 sq. meter per a day. So the application fee is about 333JPY per sqm. Especially China and Southeast Asia.

It is a new business offer except in Japan and will have a big market.

Maximum profit simulation is more than 65%.