Resin Primer

Antistatic Super-Hydrophilic Self-cleaning coating for Resin material.


This solution is methanol based coating. It needs to pay extra shipping costs and customs. It has a possibility to take 2~3 months to delivery depending on the area or country.  


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Primer for the film, polycarbonate, acrylic, and the resin base material

-PET Film


-Acrylic resin


-Other resin base material

-Methanol-based, transparent type


-Silica, tin oxide, methanol, water

-Resin Cover such as LED fluorescent lamp

-Film for glass

-Acrylic road mirror

-Plastic advertising signs


-Other resin products

Preparation Tools

 -Resin substrate for the application               -Primer for resin                   -Spray Bottle


 -Micro-fiber cloth (If not, please prepare a clean cloth.)



 1) Decide coated and non-coated area and wash with water both to clean.

 2) Fold micro-fiber cloth to small and apply small amount of coating.

 3) Apply by hand only the coated surface on the vertical and dry.

(Dries within 5 minutes at room temperature. quick-dry type.)

However, if the coating is not in close contact with the base material, it requires a surface treatment in a separate purchase of  stainless steel cleaning agent.




If the coated surface becomes a super hydrophilic film when you spray water, the application is succeeded.


Note for the application

1)If the substrate has become white when coated, determine the amount of coating was large.
2)It will take more than 12 hours to fully cure. When you spray water to confirmed immediately after the application,please apply again.
3)No rain or snow when you apply outdoor.
4)If the surface temperature of the substrate is not less than 30 degrees, liquid will volatilize before forming. Apply to cool substrate.


5)Depending on the resin base material, it may not be applied.


After the resin primer is applied, water-based antistatic coat "Super Clear Vision

AS“  is applied as a top coat, then the durability and anti-fouling are enchanted.

( More than 1 years.)



1)Optimal substrate temperature is less than 30 degrees, please avoid the

application under direct sunlight.Reason: The substrate surface temperature is too

high, then volatilized before forming. Also it can be a cavity on the coating surface,

then the coating film will be white because of the diffused reflection effect of silica.

2)Under the strong wind, please avoid the wind hit the substrate as much as


Reason: The volatilization of the substrate is too early, you can not apply.

3) In the case of rain or snow on the application date or next day, it does not

recommend to apply.

Reason: This product will take 12 hours or more to complete cure. When it’s rain

and water sprayed, it drops the adhesion and the durability of the coating film.



1)1 year (keep in the cool dark place)

2)Solutions should be stored at room temperature less than 25 degrees and less than 60% humidity.  Storage in the refrigerator is also available.

3) When you carry the coating liquid, it is better to put it in the cooler box.

4)Avoid the fire, because it is the Methanol based coating.

5)Please be careful to fall or break or leak the container. Keep the container upright.



1)Use Glass Cleaner to remove the oil film on the substrate surface.

2)Apply Primer for resin with Squeegee about 10-20g per 1sqm.

3)It clipped a dedicated micro-fiber cloth to squeegee. Apply on the vertical of the resin substrate surface.

4)Or, it can be applies by Cup gun.  About 10g per 1 sqm.



1) If the coating is not adhered to the base material, it should be applied again after the cleaning with stainless cleaner.

2)Please  apply at least two coats. (Once the surface is dry and apply again)

3)Micro-fiber cloth is always to maintain a wet status like wet tissue. If Micro-fiber

cloth becomes dry, put the coating liquid again.




Spraying the water after the next day of application to determine

the super-hydrophilic film was formed.However, if you spray the water immediately

after the application, please apply again.


Cleaning after application

1)Cleaning after application should be washed by just water or diluted neutral detergent. Please do not use detergent.

2)During 12 hours after application, it  should not  take the rain and water.




Primer for resin is non-toxic and not flammable once it has cured. Do not use this

product without first taking all appropriate safety measures to prevent property

damage and injuries.

These measures may include, without limitation: proper ventilation, wearing of

protective clothing and proper separation of application areas. For more specific

safety procedures,please refer to the Primer for resin Material Safety Data Sheet.

Surface Resistance Meter

This device can verify how much conductivity is.We can see anti-static performance.


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Squeegee application tool set

Squeegee ✖5pcs


coating clotth✖10pcs


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Microfiber Cloth for Coating

Microfiber cloth for squeegee

5pcs ✖5set =25pcs of cloths


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  • It's up to location and means of shipping