Clean Self Coat MC-T

Antistatic Super-Hydrophilic Self-cleaning coating for Window Glass, Mirror

This solution is methanol based coating. It needs to pay Extra shipping costs and customs. It has a possibility to take  2~3 months to delivery depending on the area or country.


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Do you know the glass detergent promotes the adhesion of dirt to the window glass! ?


 Regular detergent for the window glass can remove the dirt at hotels and high-rise buildings and convenience store. However, the surfactant contains in the detergent and repeats to use, there is gradually adhered the oil film on the glass surface. The surface becomes water-repellent state. Then, a variety of dirt such as exhaust gas and dust, etc., adhere on the glass surface, it may cause water stain when it rains. The cleaning period of regular maintenance determines depending on how dirty of the glass surface,

It is the world's first visible light responsive photo catalyst nano technology coating with anti-static function. Sketch super-hydrophilic inorganic binder with antistatic function, was added to the titanium oxide TiO2 from Japanese photo catalyst manufacturer. ①Decomposition of dirt with photo catalyst②Antistatic function③Super hydrophilic function. In the above three effect, antifouling effect will be long-lasting.



-outside window glass of buildings

-Mirror,window glass of service car, train

-100% Inorganic material, Methanol-based,

-Colorless and transparent

-Silica, tin oxide, Titanium oxide,Platinum,methanol,water 

-Super UV irradiation test: passed 300 hours test.

-Xenon weather meter weathering test

: passed 1391 hours test.

WS Remover

Removing oil film on the surface of solar panel. It uses 10g/㎡ with original Pad&Buff or polishing devices.


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Pad & Buff for cleaning a surface of glass, mirror


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Surface Resistance Meter

This device can verify how much conductivity is.We can see anti-static performance.


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Squeegee application tool set

Squeegee ✖5pcs


coating clotth✖10pcs


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Microfiber Cloth for Coating

Microfiber cloth for squeegee

5pcs ✖5set =25pcs of cloths


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  • It's up to location and means of shipping